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Hollow Core Concrete Slab

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Updated on March 8th, 2024

Hollow Core concrete slabs provide ideal floors and roofs for a variety of construction projects and offer superior performance when specified as elements of parking garages, short-span bridges, and other commercial and residential applications. They enable quick construction installation, cut labor requirements, and reduce onsite project costs. Precast Hollowcore can span long spaces easily, giving contractors added degrees of design freedom. An eight-inch hollow core concrete slab can span 30 feet, while a formed and poured-in-place solid concrete slab would require a twelve-inch thick or better specification. The reduced thickness of a Hollow Core slab provides a weight advantage, too. For example, along its length, the hollow core concrete planking can support 100 pounds per square foot, whereas a steel bar joist of similar strength would need to be 16 or 18 inches deep.

The hollow interior reduces weight and cost, improves structural stability, provides excellent sound insulation, and delivers a low-maintenance, fire-resistant structure. Slabs exhibit high load-bearing capacities and are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Precast, Hollow Core Concrete Slab Advantages

Regular concrete floors, roofs, and other structures, which crews pour onsite, must contend with weather, temperature, and logistical onsite problems like moving cement trucks in and out of the site. Prefabricated Hollowcore planking comes direct from our facility and simply requires assembly into the larger project at the site.

A precast Hollow Core concrete slab enables builders to rapidly assemble up to 6,000 square feet of hollow core planking per day, depending on the project.

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Mack Industries can provide expert consultation and analysis to help you decide whether Hollow Core concrete slabs are right for your next project. Many builders rely on us for design assistance. Our experienced project management and engineering team can provide design assistance early in the project. We produce our Hollowcore concrete planking in-house at two different plants and have dedicated installation crews, giving you outstanding accountability since no outside erector with conflicting interests is involved.

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