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Sanitary and Storm Manholes

precast concrete mnholes

You can count on Mack for precast concrete manholes

Our Precast Concrete Manholes serve the construction industry with high quality and excellent service at a fair price to create the best value. We stand behind our products. Our customers know they can count on Mack Industries.

Mack Industries provides a full line of sanitary and storm precast products. Service and quality you can count on. Superior service, fast delivery, quality products!

Fast Delivery

Our production capacity, multiple locations and complete product line allow us to serve a wide range of customers. Expert concrete production and delivery people with the right equipment make for a quick and efficient job from start to finish.

Quality Products

Because precast concrete production is typically done in a controlled environment, the resulting products exhibit high quality and uniformity. Variables affecting quality typically found on a job site – temperature, curing conditions, material quality and craftsmanship – are nearly eliminated in a precast plant.

Mack Industries is DOT Approved in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and West Virginia. Mack Industries is also NPCA and PCI Certified.

Superior Service

Teamwork is what built Mack Industries. Our Sales experience and engineering knowledge provide customers with good design and economical solutions. This teamwork demands a customer driven focus and commitment to total quality in everything we do.

large manholes

MACK gives you a full line of manholes

  • 48”, 60”, 72”, 84” and 96” diameter manholes built to ASTM C-478 standards.
  • Full line of Headwalls.
  • Full line of drainage inlet structures.

MACK Manhole Features:

  • Precast Inverts available in all diameters.
  • Watertight pipe to manhole connections per ASTM C-923.
  • Kor-n-Seal, A-Lok, or Z-Lok connections.
  • Steps: Steel reinforced polypropylene drive in steps per ASTM D-41-1082.
  • Joints: flexible rubber gasket per ASTM C-443, butyl resin sealant also available.
  • Waterproof coatings.
  • Precast external drops.
  • Press seal lift system for handling.




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