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Ready Mix Concrete Solutions by Mack Industries

At Mack Industries, our expertise in ready mix concrete spans over 80 years, making us the go-to partner for contractors and builders across Valley City, Akron, and beyond. Dealing with projects big and small, our commitment to superior quality, efficient service, and timely delivery sets us apart.

Why Choose Mack Industries for Ready Mix Concrete?

  • Certified Quality: Our products meet the stringent standards of DOT, NRMCA, and PCI to ensure the highest quality for your project.
  • Proven Mix Designs: Engineered for durability and strength, our ready mix solutions cater to various construction needs.
  • Precision Batching: Automated processes guarantee accuracy and consistency in every batch.
  • Rapid Delivery: With a focus on quick turnaround times, our fleet ensures your supply keeps pace with project timelines.
  • Expert Coordination: From scheduling to on-site delivery, our team manages every detail so you don’t have to.
  • Professional Service: Our experienced drivers and direct sales and quality control service underscore our commitment to your success.
  • Ready for All Projects: Whether it’s a residential driveway or a commercial construction, our ready mix concrete is designed for both performance and aesthetics.

Our Promise

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Supplying Ready Mix for Every Construction Need

Mack has experience supplying and delivering concrete for projects of all scopes and sizes. Our facilities and team have been built to accommodate:

Residential Construction

Commercial Construction


Paving, Streets, Curbs

Bridges, Culverts, Walls

Flowable Fill

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 6:30 am - 4:30 pm | Saturday - Seasonal

Valley City Plant

201 Columbia Rd
Phone: 330-483-3114
Fax: 330-483-2992

Akron Plant

124 Darrow Rd
Phone: 330-784-7008
Fax: 330-784-6441

Sheffield/Lorain Plant

2513 N Ridge Rd. Lorain, OH 44055
Phone: 440-277-9306
Fax: 440-277-6878

Supplying Ready Mix for Every Construction Need

Mack Industries is proud to serve the construction community in Valley City, Akron, and surrounding areas with ready mix concrete that’s ready to tackle any project. From residential foundations to commercial infrastructures, architectural designs, paving, and more, we have the solution.

Getting Started with Mack Ready Mix Concrete

Selecting the right concrete for your project is straightforward with Mack Industries. Here’s how:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out with your project details, including the required concrete volume, mix specifications, and delivery schedule.
  2. Customization: Our team will work with you to tailor a mix that meets your specific project requirements, ensuring optimal performance.
  3. Quality & Consistency: We embrace rigorous quality control practices to maintain uniformity in all our concrete products.

For project support, quality ready mix concrete, and advice from experienced concrete contractors near Akron and Valley City, Mack Industries stands ready. Our commitment to excellence has built structures and relationships that last. Contact us to learn more about how our ready mix concrete can support your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ready Mix Concrete

What is ready mix concrete?

Ready mix concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregates (such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone), and water that is manufactured in a batching plant according to a set recipe and delivered to construction sites in a ready-to-use form.

Ready mix concrete is made by batching the raw materials (cement, aggregates, and water) in precise proportions according to a predetermined recipe. The materials are then mixed thoroughly to ensure uniformity and transported to the construction site in specialized trucks.

Ready mix concrete offers several advantages over on-site mixing, including consistency, quality control, time-saving, and reduced waste. It is manufactured under controlled conditions, ensuring uniformity in strength, durability, and appearance.

Ready mix concrete is suitable for a wide range of projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure construction. It is commonly used for foundations, slabs, floors, driveways, sidewalks, and structural elements.

To order ready mix concrete, you will need to contact a local supplier or batching plant. Provide them with details about your project, including the quantity of concrete needed, the desired strength and mix design, and the delivery location and schedule.

When ordering ready mix concrete, consider factors such as the project requirements, environmental conditions, access to the construction site, and any special considerations (e.g., pumping, finishing, curing).

The setting and curing time for ready mix concrete depend on factors such as the mix design, ambient temperature, humidity, and curing methods. In general, concrete will begin to set within a few hours and achieve its full strength over the course of several days to weeks.

Yes, ready mix concrete can be customized to meet specific project requirements, including strength, workability, durability, and appearance. Mack Industries can work with you to develop a custom mix design tailored to your needs.

Ready mix concrete plants adhere to strict quality control measures to ensure the consistency and quality of their products. These measures may include regular testing of raw materials, batching accuracy, mixer performance, and concrete testing for strength and durability.

Ready mix concrete production is more environmentally friendly than on-site mixing because it minimizes waste, reduces air pollution, and conserves natural resources. By batching and mixing only the amount of concrete needed for each project, ready mix plants help minimize waste and environmental impact.

Quality and Service Since 1932

Mack Concrete is a family owned ready mix business serving Cuyahoga, Erie, Huron, Medina, Lorain, Summit, and Portage counties. We have several ready mix production facilities located in Valley City, Sheffield, Grafton, Vermilion and Akron, Ohio.

Our plants are located to provide mutual support, allowing any order, from the smallest delivery to the largest pour to be serviced with quality and on-time delivery.

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