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Box Culverts

precast concrete box culvert

Mack precast culverts are available in four sided, and three sided sections. Culverts are manufactured in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO standards. Special designs are available upon request. Box Culverts can be produced in a range of sizes from 3’x6′ to 10’x20′, 3 sided boxes sized from 2′ rise to 10′ rise, 6′ span to 28′ span. Wall, top and bottom thickness will vary with required specification.

  • 4 Sided box sizes from 3’ rise to 10’ rise, 6’ span to 26’ span
  • 3 Sided box sizes from 2’ rise to 10’ rise, 6’ span to 28’ span
  • Designed to ASTM & AASHTO loading specifications
  • Structural calculations with registered PE Stamp
  • CAD submittal packages.
  • Walls, top, & bottom available in various thickness.
  • Variable laying lengths from 2’ to 7’.
  • Custom built radius or skewed sections available.
  • Side by side center “Dual Cell” box culverts in 4 sided boxes.
  • Precast footing available for 3 sided boxes.
  • Produced in quality adjustable steel forms.
  • Lifting hardware provided on job site.
  • Placement jacks available.




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