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Box Culverts

precast concrete box culvert

Mack Concrete specializes in manufacturing precast concrete culverts that are available in versatile configurations, including both four-sided and three-sided designs. These culverts conform to the stringent ASTM and AASHTO standards to meet modern infrastructure needs.

Our robust concrete box culverts come in an array of sizes to accommodate various project requirements, ranging from 3’x6′ to an expansive 10’x20′. For three-sided concrete culverts, options vary from a 2′ rise up to a 10′ rise and a 6′ span to a grand 28′ span.

Mack Concrete ensures all box culvert designs adhere to established loading specifications while offering the flexibility of customized dimensions and specifications upon request. The precast concrete culvert structures are backed by structural calculations verified by a registered Professional Engineer (PE) and come with comprehensive CAD submittal packages.

To cater to specific project dynamics, our precast box culverts are manufactured in adjustable steel forms, with a variety of thickness options for walls, tops, and bottoms. We provide innovative solutions such as “Dual Cell” box culverts, as well as precast footings for three-sided configurations.

Mack Concrete’s commitment to excellence is evident in the inclusion of job site-ready lifting hardware and the availability of placement jacks, simplifying the installation process. For precast concrete culvert pricing and procurement, or to discuss box culvert replacement solutions, reach out to our seasoned professionals.




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