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Precast Concrete Box Culverts: Efficient, Versatile and Economical

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Updated on March 29th, 2024

New construction of planned developments or roadways and renovation projects utilize box culverts to divert or help control water sources such as streams or rivers.

Box culverts are installed to allow a road, trail or railroad crossing to pass over the water source and protect the integrity of the passageway without impeding water flow, while allowing more complete access. Box culverts can serve other purposes as well, including:

  • Intakes and outtakes
  • Holding tanks
  • Steam tunnels
  • Corridor links
  • Road crossings
  • Service tunnels
  • Utility trenches

Precast box culverts produced by Mack Industries offer multiple advantages over cast in place and circular concrete pipes. Precast box culverts, due to their design, can drain a higher volume of water or flow rate than pipes, offering superior strength and easier installation. Precast in general offers:

  • Speedy and efficient delivery for the build
  • Excellent and consistent quality control
  • Rapid installation
  • Durability and longevity
  • Economical pricing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low to no maintenance

Mack Industries supplies box culverts to contractors and excavators as well as cities, townships, counties, homeowners, planned unit developments, retail outlets, office complexes, medical facilities, manufacturing operations and apartment complexes. Precast box culverts best serve any type of construction site containing a waterway, such as a stream, creek or river that needs to be crossed to allow full site access and utility.

Mack Industries can produce a single precast box culvert with a minimum three-foot rise by six-foot span up to almost any size specified for the job. We offer decades of experience with precast concrete products of all types and apply our engineering expertise to the most challenging situations to find a solution.

Our company can provide single or dual runs in order to help divert a wide creek or river that might span thirty feet or more. This is also sometimes called a dual cell box culvert. We also produce a single span or dual span precast culvert.

All of the precast box culverts from Mack Industries are designed for ASTM C-1577 precast specifications and meet HL-93 loading for trucks. Contact Mack Industries for precast products that will help modernize and complete your project’s infrastructure.