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Cemetery Lawn Precast Concrete Crypts

Mack Industries is an experienced manufacturer of precast concrete burial vaults and lawn crypts. In addition, we have capability to deliver and install double depth crypts. We have been making burial vaults since 1932. We are a 3rd generation family owned and operated business and have experience in a variety of precast concrete crypt and burial vault product lines. We have related experience in setting precast products and have in house capability to install precast concrete with our own qualified, OSHA certified field crews.

Mack Industries brings more than 75 years of experience in precast manufacturing, installing and serving clients in funeral / memorial, cemetery, and construction settings with service quality and timeliness.

The National Precast Concrete Association has certified several of the Mack Plants for proper plant operations and quality systems. In addition, we are certified by PCI (Prestressed Concrete Institute) in Ohio and by various State DOTs (Department of Transportation), NRMCA (National Ready Mix Concrete Association) and Municipalities.

Contact Us for further information on how we can help you with your crypt project.

for further information on how we can help you with your crypt project.

Mack Burial Vaults

The Mack family is proud to carry on a tradition of manufacturing Burial Vaults since 1932. We deliver value and peace of mind in each structurally sound and finely crafted Burial Vault. Mack is known for the details and service that customers have come to expect and appreciate through generations of trusted family service. Our commitment to quality and service drives Mack Vault to provide the right product on time, every time.

Why Do You Need a Burial Vault?

Under the ground, a casket is exposed to elements that will cause damage unless it is properly protected. The elements are constant downward pressure from the soil, pressure from cemetery equipment, such as a backhoe, and water located under the ground.

These elements will cause crushing and buckling to the unprotected casket. A quality concrete burial vault, such as one provided by Mack, will protect the casket from that downward pressure, and since it is sealed, will keep any water away from the casket. Another benefit gained from the use of a quality burial vault is that the ground will remain level, preserving the appearance of the cemetery.

Available Burial Vaults

The Majestic

"Timeless Beauty" with decorative corner columns and intricate moldings complete the refined look of marble inside and out. The Majestic concrete vaults are totally encased in high impact polystyrene, offering stability and reinforcement throughout the entire line. The beauty and strength of the Majestic creates a high quality vault at an affordable price. The Majestic is available in the following finishes:
mack exclusive


The enduring charm and beauty of ageless copper including a copper inner liner and carapace


This superb vault combines the toughness of steel with the massive strength of concrete, exemplifying the quality craftsmanship of every Mack Vault; Includes stainless steel liner and carapace.


A superior vault which combines the classic look of fine white marble with Mack’s unparalleled burial vault technology.


The look and warmth of wood is achieved with a richly polished simulated wood grain liner bonded over reinforced concrete.


The "Royal" has a protective polystyrene inner liner bonded over reinforced concrete, with a tongue and groove sealing design.


Asphalt coated, waterproof latex paint and a tongue and groove seal design.


Finished with waterproof latex paint, lid is coated; Includes emblem.


Asphalt coated lid, painted vault; Includes emblem.

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