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Precast Pole Bases

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Updated on March 8th, 2024

Precast pole bases provide a fast, effective way to erect the poles used to provide outdoor lighting and other applications, including supporting flag poles, advertising displays, parking lot equipment and other infrastructure. Available in a variety of heights and diameters, precast pole bases are buried in the ground to various depths, depending on the size, weight and function of the poles they support. Made of concrete, some may feature decorative above-ground surfaces to enhance their aesthetics.

The Mack Industries Advantage

By casting the precast pole bases in its facility, Mack Industries can control all aspects of production with much greater precision than a contractor would if pouring concrete bases at the construction site. This results in an extremely high-quality casting since Mack can control variables like temperature, curing conditions, material quality and workmanship. Instead of using rebar to reinforce the bases as onsite contractors probably would, Mack uses reinforced steel. It also installs the contractor’s chosen fasteners at the factory.

Precast pole bases can save contractors time and money. Instead of waiting for crews to prepare the hole, pour the concrete and allow the pole bases to cure while dealing with a constant flow of cement mixers on the construction site, the use of precast pole bases eliminates much of this aggravation. Consequently, precast pole bases support greater schedule stability since they can be installed in virtually any weather conditions, with no constraints caused by concrete curing requirements. Contractors can install precast pole bases as soon as they arrive on-site, saving labor time and equipment costs.

Customized for Your Job

Mack’s precast pole bases are available in four-foot to nine-foot lengths with weights from 1,290 to 3,640 pounds. The company can customize them as needed to meet specific application needs. The precast pole bases feature easy-access conduit recesses. Every precast concrete pole base is pre-engineered by Mack Industries to your exact specifications, and our engineers will work with you to ensure the correct selection of anchor bolts for your project.

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