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Advantages of Precast Post-tensioned Concrete Structures

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Updated on April 25th, 2024

Construction companies and wastewater management services looking for improved durability and lower maintenance costs might want to consider precast post-tensioned concrete structures for their next wastewater treatment project. Mack Industries offers three generations worth of concrete experience to design and form quality precast concrete products. Our precasting operations are both NPCA and PCI certified. All precast structures built by Mack Industries are poured under controlled conditions for optimal quality.

While post-tensioned products are primarily put to use in wastewater treatment, or potable water storage tanks, these structures will suit any situation that would call for a large concrete tank.


Each situation is unique, with its own footprint of space available for the structure. The flexibility of precast post-tensioned design allows Mack Industries to exercise the unlimited potential for size and quality compared to cast-in-place. The company will design its tanks specifically for each situation, application and available footprint.

These precast concrete commercial wastewater treatment systems are available in either a rectangular chamber type utilizing precast wall panels and cap walkways, or circular type tanks that range in size from 15- to 100-feet in diameter.

A precast, post-tensioned structure offers multiple advantages due to the method of manufacture. It involves intense compression of the concrete in a stable environment. Concrete performs at its peak when it undergoes this state of compression, by reinforcing tension of the structure. The term post-tensioning refers to tendons inside ducts or sleeves during installation of the precast and tensioned to ensure joint tightness. Precast post-tensioned structures:

  • Minimize weather delays and shortens installation time
  • Allow for structures that are larger, higher, longer and wider than cast in place
  • Lend the flexibility for custom designs that suit the space footprint and site parameters
  • Save time spent on the job compared to cast in place
  • Offers 5,000 psi concrete compared to 4,000 psi (cast in place) for greater strength
  • Supplies a higher quality finished product—every block of precast is tested

There are a few styles of precast post-tensioned tanks. One is a cast-in-place base slab with walls and top cap or lid to lend it the proper structural integrity. Another is a cantilevered design, which allows Mack Industries to create tanks as long and wide as necessary without requiring a cap for its structural integrity. These different sizes are selected based on the final design for a treatment plant, whether the engineer selects a large, open style or a multiple cell tank.

Mack Industries offers so much more than concrete slabs. With decades of experience crafting and designing solutions for municipalities, engineers and contractors, Mack Industries can create turnkey systems for extended aeration package plants, from engineering consultation complete with plans and drawings through installation.  

Mack Industries can offer systems suitable for commercial, residential or institutional use, from small residential aeration systems to commercial treatment plants in excess of 1,000,000 gallons per day. All components are delivered and installed on site.  Mack doesn’t offer a single, standard precast model, but customizes for every project.

Mack Industries operates several locations in Ohio, Michigan and Florida to service a regional multi-state area. Contact Mack Industries today for a consultation on your next wastewater treatment project at 800-482-3111. Together we build tomorrow’s infrastructure.