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Color-Crete: Use Colored Concrete Mix for Architectural and Decorative Applications

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Updated on April 25th, 2024

Color-Crete from Mack Concrete is an ornate product for flat work, vertical pours and precast concrete applications. It’s perfect for architectural and decorative concrete projects, and an ideal solution for residential, commercial and municipal applications. From driveways, patios and sidewalks to flooring, retention walls and pillars, Color-Crete gives contractors the options and flexibility they need to tackle any decorative concrete project.

Integral Colorant

Unlike surface dies that wear and fade over time, Color-Crete is an integral colorant. This means it’s mixed evenly throughout the entire batch of concrete, making the color permanent over the life of the concrete structure. Whether you apply a stamped, broomed, troweled, sand-blasted or exposed aggregate finish, the color is locked in, which is a key advantage of Color-Crete and an important benefit to residential and municipal property owners.

Use Color-Crete for architectural and decorative concrete projects.

Color Palette

At Mack Concrete, we use a high-tech, computerized hopper system that’s capable of producing more than 1,300 colors from 18 different manufactures. While concrete aggregate is much different than drywall and paper, we can produce colors that are nearly as accurate as paint and ink. With Color-Crete, not only do you have unlimited color options, we have the ability to closely match colors if the concrete ever becomes damaged over time.

Popular Colors

Various shades of gray are currently the most popular colors for architectural and decorative concrete jobs. This makes perfect sense, especially for patios, as gray can be used to replicate the look of stone. Buff colors are also popular, as are shades of red, tan and brown. You can also get creative by using multiple colors in your designs. With Color-Crete, you can turn plain concrete into art that highlights the environment, giving you the ability to add the “Wow Factor” that your customers are looking for.

Choose Mack Concrete

When you choose Color-Crete from Mack Concrete, you get more than high-quality colored concrete. You get world-class service from a trusted company that’s been in business since 1932. Here are some of the many reasons why Mack Concrete is right for you.

Quick delivery

Our lead times are among the best in the business. Depending on volume, we can mix your Color-Crete and deliver it to your job site on the same day.

Technical support

Our sales team, estimators and engineers have the knowledge and experience to help you design cost-effective concrete solutions.

Project experts

Our experienced employees and modern equipment help ensure your concrete projects run smoothly from start to finish.

Full Line of Concrete Products

In addition to Color-Crete, we manufacture numerous concrete products for virtually every application, including (but not limited to) precast, ready mix, wastewater and storm water treatment, cemetery products and hollowcore planks. Give us a call at (800) 482-3111 or contact us to see how we can help you with your next concrete project.