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Choosing the Right Noise Wall

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Updated on March 8th, 2024

Reducing the noise from a nearby expressway sounds simple: put up a noise wall. But not all noise walls provide the same levels of sound reduction or aesthetics. Mack Industries offers a range of cost-effective, superior noise walls tailored to your specific needs.

Why choose Mack Industries for noise walls?

  • Strict quality control programs
  • Qualified engineering design group to ensure project success
  • Large geographic manufacturing footprint
  • Dedicated transport fleet for easy coordination
  • Years of experience in the precast concrete industry
  • Proven manufacturing processes that produce a product that meets project specifications

Precast Concrete: Engineered to Last

Some noise wall applications require outstanding toughness, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Precast noise walls by Mack Industries offer all that, and more. Unlike slab concrete walls, they keep things quiet by channeling it away from walled-off areas. Engineered to reduce noise by five to 10 decibels, which the human ear often senses as cutting the noise level in half, precast noise walls offer the user the best of both worlds: good noise control and outstanding aesthetic appeal.

Mack Industries can color and texture the noise wall to your specifications and installation is easy, requiring no special rigging like fabric slings. Designs and textures are limited only by your imagination. Want a rugged stone wall look, a red brick fa├žade, or artistic designs? No problem. Precast concrete walls open up new degrees of design freedom.

Our standardized modular designs can reduce the impact on local sites, since the walls are manufactured elsewhere and delivered on-demand, unlike pour-in-place concrete noise walls. That means no cement trucks idling nearby and clogging local accessways.

Precast Concrete Noise Walls from MACK Industries

Noise wall applications extend far beyond highways, including commercial uses near industrial parks, railroads, electrical and power plants, and more. Contact Mack today to learn more about your noise wall options.