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Precast Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

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Updated on March 8th, 2024

Commercial wastewater treatment systems are crucial for getting many construction projects up and running. While wastewater treatment rarely occupies the same share of mind as sexier development project elements like solar power stations or pickleball courts, they can cause major cost overruns and scheduling issues if planners get them wrong.

To get this vital element right, choosing a partner skilled in every stage of wastewater treatment system development makes sense. These include conducting research and planning, supplying, and constructing the plant, testing, and handing operations over to the customer.

Tapping into Mack’s Unique Capabilities

While different companies can assist you with a number of these steps, very few can help you with them all. One that can is Mack Industries.

“Mack is a turnkey business,” says Jim Tuttle, Mack Industries Environmental Division General Manager, “We can assist the owners and engineers in the upfront design of the plant itself, including the process, the layout, the number and size of the tanks needed, and the equipment package that goes into plant.” This enables customers to confidently write up their specifications for the bid packages.

Mack’s precast concrete wastewater treatment systems are available in sizes from small residential aeration systems to commercial-size treatment plants that process over 1,000,000 gallons per day and are custom designed for any application.

A Supplier AND a Contractor

Mack manufactures all the precast tanks. “We can preassemble much of the piping, the equipment, the motors, and the blower,” says Tuttle. “At this point, Mack changes from a supplier to an actual contractor. We have crews that do the installation of the entire plant. Then we have techs that come out and train the owners/operators to run the system. It’s a full turnkey system from cradle to grave, which makes us very unique in the industry.”

Primarily serving the Eastern half of the United States, Mack has developed strong working relationships with the engineers that do wastewater plants. “The engineers provide the flows and what type of system it will be,” says Tuttle. “Will it be for a school, a campground, a development? From that, we can work up a process that includes how many tanks it will need, a footprint, and a rough estimate of what the project will be, and then the engineer can do the design and the spec package for the bidding.”

Communities Call Mack

Customers for commercial wastewater treatment systems include a variety of businesses. “We work with smaller communities that don’t tie into the big cities systems, including small towns, villages, and townships. We deal with campgrounds, schools, mobile home parks that are expanding, and restaurants, for example.”

Mack works closely with its community customers to ensure everything from planning to installation goes smoothly, helping customers make the best purchasing decision. “We have established good working relationships with the engineers in all the states we service. They rely on Mack Industries a lot, probably 80-90%, to guide them to the most efficient, best-quality solution.”

Tuttle estimates Mack’s involvement in a commercial wastewater treatment project, from start to finish, is six months to a year. “If the owner has not obtained his PTI, which is his permit to install from the EPA, that can sometimes take an additional four to six months.”

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