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Mack Industries provides Precast Segmental Retaining Walls as a part of our extensive catalog of products. Our retaining wall systems provide a fast, attractive, and cost-effective solution for those who are in need of a retaining wall for commercial or residential purposes.


The key to creating attractive neighborhoods and commercial areas is the economically sculpting of the landscape for beauty and function. Builders and Architects continue to look for solutions to meet their requirements for a natural aesthetic look, erosion control, and value.  Our precast segmental retaining walls are just the product to meet those needs.


Our walls have the structural qualities of a solid wall but the design flexibility for radius and serpentine patterns. The chiseled stone face looks great on projects of scale looking natural against the backdrop of a large hillside or lake. 

The precast concrete concept saves time and mess on site. Our products are manufactured in controlled conditions and then delivered to the site. Mack Industries is able to provide consistent quality, speedy delivery, and help to finish projects on time and on budget. Precast is not affected by as many weather delays, and eliminates pouring, mixing and curing time on your development site making a cleaner and faster installation than traditional construction.

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Precast Segmental Retaining Walls

  • Quality Precast Product

  • Consistent Results

  • Completely Engineered Product

  • Fast Delivery

  • Quick Installation

  • Less Mess on Job Site

  • Flexible Design

  • Available in Multiple Shapes

  • Available in Multiple Textures

  • Available in Multiple Colors

  • Attractive Solutions

  • Residential and Commercial Applications

  • A Value Solution

"We are committed to excellence and maintain a state of the art quality control program.  We also maintain our own fleet of trucks to be sure that product arrives on time, and we understand the needs of the construction industry.  We can provide support and service to ensure your projects go smoothly."  

Jim Thompson
Vice President and General Manager

Valley City Plant

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