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Sound Walls Benefits

Mack Industries manufactures various types of precast concrete sound walls. They reduce noise levels for people living next to highways by absorbing sound energy or by reflecting sound energy. Learn more about the history of sounds walls and how they are used as barriers today.

Precast concrete sound walls can be designed to blend in with a city's architecture and local topography, or even to capture a community's theme or identity. Reflective noise barriers can reduce noise by as much as half while absorptive treatments have been found to further reduce noise pollution.  With color additives or stains and textured form liners, the options are nearly endless.

precast concrete sound walls

Our sound absorptive walls employ Whisper Wall technology which absorbs sound using a waste product, rubber vehicle tires. Rubber tires are recycled and processed into small chips, which are then blended with natural sound absorbing aggregate and cement to produce a patented sound absorbing mixture. Sound absorbing noise walls allow sound waves to enter the wall, as the sound waves travel through the sound absorbing mixture they are forced to change direction and follow a longer path. Every change in direction decreases the sound waves energy. After the sound waves complete its journey through the wall, little if any sound energy remains to re-enter the environment. In comparison, reflective noise walls abate noise by redirecting sound waves into the atmosphere. 

Mack precast concrete sound walls are manufactured in a controlled environment and are available in many different shapes and sizes.  Precast concrete is the material of choice for sound walls due to its durability, flexibility, ease of installation, environmental friendliness, and wide range of aesthetically pleasing designs.  Precast concrete is able to stand up against the harshest conditions and weather patterns. 

Why Choose Mack for Noise / Sound Walls?

  • Strict quality control programs

  • Qualified engineering design group to ensure project success

  • Large geographic manufacturing footprint.

  • Dedicated transport fleet for easy coordination.

  • Years of experience in the precast concrete industry.

  • Proven manufacturing processes which produce a product that meets project specifications.

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