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Precast Concrete Manhole – Key Advantages

At Mack Industries, we manufacture high-quality, precast concrete manholes that are vital components of today’s modern sewer systems. A concrete manhole from us will be fireproof, highly durable and watertight across every application at any job site. With its ultra-high compression strength, concrete is the ideal material for new and replacement manholes. Here’s a quick look at why a precast concrete manhole is superior to brick, cast-in-place and other non-concrete products.

Highly Durable, Long-Lasting

Our precast concrete manholes are made in a controlled environment that produces consistent quality and uniformity. Unlike pour-on-site jobs, we can control the temperature, materials, curing conditions and workmanship to produce a highly durable, long-lasting product.

A Cleaner, Better Worksite

Since we precast our manholes at our facility and deliver them to the job site, there is significantly less noise, dust, truck traffic and mess compared to projects that require concrete to be poured on-site. In addition, manholes are standardized and modular so they are easier to install. This helps save time and energy, lower noise levels and minimize emissions released by gas and diesel powered equipment.

Additional Benefits

Mack precast concrete manholes help lower your costs, simplify your projects and make your timelines more predictable. Regardless of the weather, you can install a precast concrete manhole on the day it’s delivered. Additional key benefits include:

  • Lower material costs

  • Lower labor costs

  • Mack technical support

  • Quick ship delivery

  • No waiting on cement trucks

  • No waiting for concrete to cure

  • Cleaner job sites

  • Highly efficient installation

Additional Features

  • Precast inverts available in all diameters

  • Kor-n-Seal, A-Lok or Z-Lok connections

  • Flexible rubber gasket per ASTM C-443

  • Butyl resin sealant available

  • Waterproof coatings

  • Precast external drops

  • Press seal lift system for handling

  • Watertight pipe to manhole connections per ASTM C-923

  • Steel reinforced polypropylene drive in steps per ASTM D-41-1082

A Full Line of Manholes

  • 48”, 60”, 72”, 84” and 96” diameters available

  • Manholes built to ASTM C-478 standards

  • Full line of headwalls

  • Full line of drainage inlet structures

Why Choose Mack Industries?

  • NPCA and PCI certified

  • Superior service

  • Extensive sales experience and engineering knowledge

  • Customer-driven focus

  • Commitment to total quality

  • DOT approved in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and West Virginia

If you’re a contractor or specifier, contact us when you need a precast concrete manhole for a project.

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