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Package Wastewater Treatment Plant Planning: Start with Expert Consultation

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Updated on April 25th, 2024

Wastewater management systems can create headaches for communities or facilities; navigating the EPA rules, figuring in the site conditions, and calculating the components needed to complete the project. Many precast concrete companies make the tanks, but few provide a complete packaged system including the mechanicals plus piping and equipment, custom designed for the specific project parameters. Mack Industries offers extensive experience creating turnkey systems for extended aeration package plants, from engineering consultation complete with plans and drawings through installation.

Most often Mack Industries’ engineers consult with field engineers in charge of bidding a wastewater project or those already heavily involved in the job. Each situation is unique depending on the wastewater project end use and size. Mack Industries can ensure projects are EPA compliant, fulfill the customer’s needs and supply wastewater management service for decades to come.

EPA Compliance

EPA compliance is a critical component for an approved, functional system. Mack Industries addresses effluent parameters such as BOD, suspended solids, nitrogen, phosphorous, dissolved oxygen, chlorine residual, coliform levels and all other limitations, for high quality effluent within permit limits. Mack Industries employs the latest technological innovations for the highest level of compliance.

Site Differentials

The wastewater system’s end use and the site conditions are major factors in calculating and configuring the proper components and design. The end use dictates the system’s size and strength. A restaurant for example, requires a higher strength system due to food preparation and the frequent dish washing. The number of people using the system affects choices as well; whether the number of seats in a restaurant, units in a hotel or bedrooms in a community.

Mack Industries can offer systems suitable for either commercial or residential use, from small residential aeration systems to commercial treatment plants in excess of 1,000,000 gallons per day. All components are delivered and installed on site.

In some cases, Mack Industries can provide services that extend beyond the aeration system, including general contracting such as excavation, site work, fencing and even electrical, to complete turnkey projects for a municipality, institution or facility.

System Discharge

While a typical system discharges into a stream or river, Mack has the capability to design zero discharge systems depending on land and soil conditions.

The tanks are available in almost any size. Each treatment situation varies, and designs are site specific. Mack doesn’t offer a single, standard precast model, but customizes for every project. Mack Industries fields more than a hundred such requests annually for extended aeration plants, from small plants to million-gallon systems.

Mack Industries operates several concrete plant locations to cover a multi-state area. Contact Mack Industries today for a consultation on your next wastewater treatment project at 800-482-3111. Together we build tomorrow’s infrastructure.