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Wipes – What’s Flushable, What Isn’t?

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Baby wipes, hand towelettes, make up remover wipes, disinfecting wipes, there are over 600 different types of wipes on the market today!

Where do they go?

Some, not an insignificant number, are flushed down the toilets. They can contribute to home plumbing blockages, septic system trouble, municipal overflows and sewage pump blockages.

septic system diagram

Often, these wipes can get caught on the Aerator Shaft causing the aerator to over amp and sending the system into an alarm state. The wipes must be manually removed from the aerator shaft and the septic system control panel reset, before the system can be used properly.

The package says “flushable”? Well, not in the true sense, meaning they do not disintegrate in water the way toilet tissue does, it is best not to flush them at all.


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