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What is debris on the Aerator Shaft?

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The technician has performed the regular maintenance on your septic system and has noted “debris on the shaft”. What kind of debris is it and how do I prevent it?

Debris on the aerator shaft comes from material that enters the system that cannot be broken down by the bacteria in the system and is not caught in the trash trap.

Examples of such debris are:

Feminine hygiene products, male contraception products, dental floss, hair and any type of wipe (even the so called flushable ones). Those are not the only sources but are the most frequent.

lint traps

One way to prevent debris from entering the system is adding a lint trap to the laundry. These can be installed on the washing machine discharge hose. A knew high panty hose tied to the discharge is just one style and many more can be found on the internet or your local hardware store.

metal sink strainer

Another method of prevention is to add a mesh sink strainer to your bath or shower stall. This will catch human hair and prevent it from entering they system. Be sure to throw the hair in the trash and not into the toilet.

Remember, only toilet paper should go into the toilet!


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