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What is an Aerator?

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You see it on the report, but what is it and what does it do?

Norweco Aeration System
Norweco Aeration System

The aerator is located under the vented lid in your home aeration septic system. Simply put, the aerator brings air form the outside of your tank, circulates the air and pushes air into the septic chamber. The bacteria in this chamber is called “aerobic” bacteria. This bacteria needs food and air to survive and breed. When the aerator is not operational the bacteria can die, thus causing a septic odor and the effluent to not be properly treated.

Jet Inc Aerator
Jet Inc Aerator

The aerator is an essential part of the home septic system and requires routine maintenance. A qualified service technician can demonstrate the maintenance procedure to you. It is a simple procedure and should be performed as needed. If you experience aerator alarms or debris on the shaft, first take preventive measures to eliminate the source of the debris ror clogging of the shaft, then set up a regular maintenance schedule to make sure the aerator is operating properly.


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