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What Can I Plant over the Septic System?

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There are several things to consider when planting around septic systems, leach fields, mounds, spray, and drip fields. The wrong plants can cause maintenance problems and damage the system. Aggressive plants have root systems that can interfere with the evaporation process, separate risers, or damage concrete joints trying to enter the tan ks. Grasses, Trees, or other plantings should be carefully considered before planting around or near the septic system.

plants near septic system

So, What Can I Plant?

Pre-mixed eco grass with fescue, tufted fescue, feather grass, mondo grass, liriope, armeria, white clover, thyme, sedum, short rooted perennials, and moss.

Trees can have aggressive root systems and will travel for water, so keep at least 36 feet away. Dwarf tress can be less aggressive, but will still need to be kept at least 15 feet from the system.


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