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The Root of the Problem

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No one wants to look at a septic system in their yard. However, it is important to know tha proper landscaping around your septic is critical. There are several things to consider before you plant:

plants near septic system
  1. Maintenance. Can the system be easily accessed for maintenance by service technicians and pumpers?
  2. Plants and Trees. Will the plants, trees or shrubs that will be planted overgrow the system, blocking access?
  3. Will the roots of these plants grow into the risers and cause damage to the system?
  4. Are the lids 2″ above grade? If mulch or decorative stones enter the system, they can cause damage.
plant roots pulled out of pipes

Roots can enter the septic system looking for water and nutrients. The small fine like hairs of roots will push risers apart and enter the system. Once inside, they flourish and spread. They begin to thicken and break the concrete risers and walls causing thousands of dollars in damage.


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