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Pumping the System

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service tech pumping a septic tank system

The technician has performed the maintenance on your system. He has noted on the maintenance report that the system needs pumped. What exactly needs pumped?

Periodically your septic tank will need to be pumped. This is due to to the solid wastes deposits that form on the bottom and top of your tank. This puts stress on your entire septic system and can cause unwanted expensive repairs. There are signs and symptoms to watch for.

some grass is greener, getting fertilized by a septic system leak
  1. Sluggish Drain / Flushing. One of the more noticeable indicators. This could be slowly draining tubs, showers, washing machines and toilets.
  2. Odor. As the septic tank fills up, odor causing gasses can come from your toilets, drains, around your septic tank area or your drainfield.
  3. Luscious Green Lawn over Drainfield. The grass over your drainfield should look like the grass in the rest of your lawn, but if it is suddenly winning you best lawn awards, it could be getting extra “fertilizer” from excessive waste fluid.
  4. Standing Water. When the septic tank is full, water can begin pooling in many places on your property. However, if you have excessive standing water around your tank and in the drainfield, you need to have our septic system pumped and inspected immediately.
  5. Well Water Nitrate Levels. For Homeowners who rely on well water, it is important to check your well water at least once a year. If Nitrate levels are higher than normal, it can be an indication that the waste water from your septic tank is overflowing and leaching into your drinking water.
  6. Sewage Backup. If you do not have a regular schedule for pumping/maintenance and ignore all the above mentioned signs, a raw sewage backup into your home could happen. If this happens, it is extremely important to contact Mack Industries and avoid the area. If you are lucky, only a pumping may be all you need. If the maintenance on your septic system has been lacking, there could be more septic tank problems or drainfield issues.


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