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Problems in the Mound

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The technician has performed the maintenance on your system. He has noted on the maintenance report that the mound is draining slow. What does this mean??

mound septic system in process
Mound Septic System in Process

There are several different types of mounds, however, the basics are the same. Mounds are built in layers with lateral distribution to let the discharge water seep thru the mound. The microorganisms in the mound aid in the biological digestion that naturally occurs. Sometimes that balance is disrupted.

The mound can only digest at a given rate. If you feed the mound too much organic material, it will “plug”. This means the lateral lines that contain drainage holes are not flowing.

mound septic system diagram

Mack Industries Inc offers, for purchase, Bio-Perc. These are tablets that can be added to the system to add additional organisms to accelerate the breakdown. If the damage is continuous and on-going, the mound may need an excavator to repair.

bucket of norweco tablets

Available for pickup or as an additive during regular maintenance visits.


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