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Monitoring Options for your NPDES System

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Updated on March 8th, 2024

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency requires your Non-Fail-safe NPDES System to be monitored by a service provider for any alarms that may occur on the system.

This requirement can be met by several options:


This connection can be from a local Phone Land Line connection compatible with DSL service. It would be run from a telephone jack from your existing line to the control panel for the system.


A Voice-Over-lnternet-Protocol (phone service through your local cable internet provider) is also available and would require a connection from your modem to the control panel.


A strong cellular signal would be required at the control panel location, and would not be a part of your current cell phone service. This would be a stand alone service.

All monitoring will require a yearly monitoring fee after the initial warranty period.

Contact your Installer for details.


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