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Maintenance on the Mound

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The technician has performed the maintenance on your system. He has noted on the maintenance report that the access ports to the mound are non flush caps. What does this mean?

mound access port cap

The caps on the mound need to be removed in order to inspect the lateral lines inside the mound. These access caps need to be of a screw in and out design with easy screw top removal. This will enable the technician to remove the caps easily without damaging the piping in the mound. If possible, the technician will by using the discharge pump, flush the mound lateral lines to help clear the lines.

PVC-DMV threaded plug

The caps are easily replaced by using a PVC-DMV cleanout with a PVC-DMV threaded plug. This can be done by the homeowner or by the Mack Service Technician for an additional charge. If you would like to schedule a technician to perform the change, please contact the Mack Service Department. Please note that without this change the proper maintenance may not be performed during the regular maintenance visit and a return visit charge may apply.


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