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Hydraulic Overloading – What does that Mean?

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illustration of a sick washing machine

It is Saturday, the long work week is over and its time to do the laundry and cleaning. You set the washing machine to run load after load and the dishwasher as well. This is called Hydraulic Overloading. The septic system is designed to have the waste material remain in each chamber for a specific period of time. Sending large amounts of water through too soon can send the waste material into the next chamber before the bacteria can processed.

Norweco Aeration System

So how do I prevent Hydraulic Overloading? The best way is to do a load of laundry each evening at bed time and the dishwasher at least 4 hours between laundry loads. This will allow the bacteria to do its job and not force solids into the filter chamber requiring a pumping of the system.


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