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Fabric Softners What are they and What can I use?

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liquid fabric softener in a cup

Fabric Softeners coat our clothes with a subtle layer of slimy chemicals, which make them feel softer. The most common chemicals, called “quats” (quaternary ammonium compounds) contain antibacterial qualities, petroleum and emulsion stabilizers. These can be harmful to the bacteria living in your septic system and their slimy quality can adhere to the aerator, filter or stick in the mound or leach field causing problems.

vinegar, aluminum balls, wool balls

An alternative to these chemicals would be to try half a cup of white vinegar (make sure its labeled grain vs petroleum derived) per load during the rinse cycle. It is also a great natural sanitizer. As always, be sure to check compatibility with your clothes before use. If static is an issue in the dryer, try a ball of aluminum foil, or wool ball, it can absorb electrical charges so the clothes can stay static free.


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