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Commercial Wastewater treatment

Mack precast concrete wastewater treatment plants are available from small residential aeration systems to commercial size treatment plants in excess of 1,000,000 gallons per day. All treatment plants are complete package systems including all components delivered and installed on site. Mack precast concrete wastewater treatment plants are custom designed for any application.

From design to start-up Mack Industries works with engineers, approving authorities, and the customer to provide systems which will satisfy the needs of the project, and produce high quality effluent within permit limits. Effluent parameters such as BOD, suspended solids, nitrogen, phosphorous, dissolved oxygen, chlorine residual, coliform levels, and many others effluent limitations are addressed. Mack Industries incorporates not only proven, reliable treatment processes but also the latest technology available.

Out of Compliance? Need a Repair?

Mack Industries offers a variety of resources to help improve the operation and quality of the Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Systems that you operate. We work directly with you and the local Health Department and the Ohio EPA to resolve issues.

Commercial Service - Beneficial for Plant Operations

Precast concrete commercial wastewater treatment systems are available in modular ‘multi-cell’ tanks, rectangular chamber type utilizing precast wall panels and cap walkways, or post tensioned circular type tanks. Precast concrete is one of the most durable, long lasting materials used today.

Commercial precast concrete systems provide years of dependable service and quality. In some cases, Mack Industries may also provide general contracting services such as excavation, site work, fencing, electrical, or any other services to provide a ‘single source’ complete project. From engineering to installation and follow up service: Mack makes your decision to solve your wastewater treatment needs the right one.

Mack Industries continues to be a resource for your Commercial Wastewater needs and offers Commercial Service Policies for Wastewater Treatment Plants and Lift Stations. Contracts are available at a low cost for regular service that will ensure that your system maintains optimal performance.

Our Wastewater Treatment Plant Service Includes:

  • Pretreatment Chamber Inspection
  • Pump Operation
  • Aeration Unit Inspection
  • Visual Inspection of Piping and Electrical Components
  • Control Panels and Alarms Inspected
  • Belts and Air Filters Inspected
  • Detailed Service Report
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Our Commercial Lift Station Service Includes:

  • Control Panel Inspection
  • Alarm System Test and Inspection
  • Proper Operation of Floats
  • Pump Operation and Amp Draws
  • Control Panels and Alarms Inspected
  • Detailed Service Report