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Precast Culvert Box

At Mack Industries, we help contractors, excavators and specifiers meet their tight deadlines when they need a precast culvert box. We understand that anything that delays their work, including bad weather, can be costly. A precast culvert box can serve any type of construction site with a waterway, such as a creek, stream or river […]

Burial Vaults

Providing an extra element of protection for loved ones, a concrete or metal burial vault can protect a casket, shielding it from various forces. Protecting the Casket Cemeteries may experience “grave depressions” caused by heavy grave-digging equipment, underground water sources, and pressure from excavated soil. Grave depressions occur when an already-buried coffin is deformed due […]

Precast Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Commercial wastewater treatment systems are crucial for getting many construction projects up and running. While wastewater treatment rarely occupies the same share of mind as sexier development project elements like solar power stations or pickleball courts, they can cause major cost overruns and scheduling issues if planners get them wrong. To get this vital element […]

Choosing the Right Noise Wall

Reducing the noise from a nearby expressway sounds simple: put up a noise wall. But not all noise walls provide the same levels of sound reduction or aesthetics. Mack Industries offers a range of cost-effective, superior noise walls tailored to your specific needs. Why choose Mack Industries for noise walls? Precast Concrete: Engineered to Last […]

Hollow Core Concrete Slab

Hollow Core concrete slabs provide ideal floors and roofs for a variety of construction projects and offer superior performance when specified as elements of parking garages, short-span bridges, and other commercial and residential applications. They enable quick construction installation, cut labor requirements, and reduce onsite project costs. Precast Hollowcore can span long spaces easily, giving […]

Precast Pole Bases

Precast pole bases provide a fast, effective way to erect the poles used to provide outdoor lighting and other applications, including supporting flag poles, advertising displays, parking lot equipment and other infrastructure. Available in a variety of heights and diameters, precast pole bases are buried in the ground to various depths, depending on the size, […]