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Stone Strong – For a Segmental Retaining Wall that Lasts a Lifetime

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Updated on March 8th, 2024

Save field installation time and labor with the largest and most long-lasting retaining wall blocks in the industry. Stone Strong segmental retaining wall blocks from Mack Industries offer a precast option that saves time and money and offers greater flexibility compared to cast concrete or other materials. Stone Strong blocks supply an effective, attractive, and affordable solution for retaining walls, sea walls or wing walls in commercial or residential settings.

Stone Strong blocks are designed for retaining walls of nine feet tall or less. No special backfill or geo-grid reinforcing is required. This allows for easier installation and less site disturbance than other types of retaining wall blocks. It also reduces the cost and time associated with removing backfill. These blocks will not shift after installation and will last the lifetime of the building or structure they protect.

Unlike poured concrete, Stone Strong eliminates pouring, mixing and curing time on the development site, for a cleaner and faster installation. Projects are not affected by weather delays either. The blocks also offer a great deal of design flexibility to fit the contour of the desired retaining wall, for curved or even serpentine placement. The stone finish adds an aesthetically pleasing look to any retaining wall compared to poured concrete.

Stone Strong precast segmental blocks are available in two different sizes; with the 24SF Unit measuring 3’ x 8’ x 44” and the other 6SF Unit sized 1’-6”x 4’ x 44.” The substantial size and weight require a professional landscaping firm, excavator, or contractor to move and install them. Stone Strong is perfect for job sites with uneven or hilly topography or sites that border on a body of water.

Benefits of Stone Strong segmental retaining wall blocks from Mack Industries:

  • Save time
  • Save labor
  • Save expense
  • Save material costs
  • Save hauling costs

For further decorative and aesthetic options, Stone Strong segmental blocks can be stained, painted or coated. Once installed properly by a professional, the building or landowner will never have to worry about their retaining wall again.

All of our products are manufactured in controlled conditions. Stone Strong retaining wall blocks can be delivered or professional landscapers and excavators can arrange for pick up. Contact Mack Industries about precast Stone Strong segmental retaining wall blocks as an attractive and cost-effective solution for commercial or residential projects.