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Precast Concrete Utility Vaults: Protect Your Investment

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Updated on April 12th, 2024

Excess moisture, fires and temperature spikes—these aren’t part of a disaster film but real variables that must be considered when planning the installation of utility and telecommunications equipment. Often installed underground, cables and equipment must be kept out of sight and yet easily accessible for maintenance and upkeep.

Mack Industries offers professional assistance and consultation for precast concrete projects of all types, including extensive experience creating and supplying precast concrete utility vaults. Offered in both standard or custom sizes, precast concrete utility vaults help protect essential utilities from the elements, but also factor in the unseen variables.

Load Bearing

Often utility vaults are located beneath runways, under roadways or in high traffic areas. Mack precast concrete utility vaults are manufacturing in accordance with HS 20 loading, airport loading and non-traffic installation applications.

Standard sizes Mack supplies include:

  • 5’-6”x4’
  • 4’x8’
  • 6’x8’
  • 6’x10’
  • 6’x12’
  • 16’-4”x8’-4”

In addition, Mack can provide accessories such as ladders, pulling irons, frames and covers, inlet ducts and racking for cable supports.


Utility vaults hold critical infrastructure components such as electrical wiring, panels, pipes or other expensive equipment that need protection from moisture and weather elements. Precast concrete is not only durable, but also watertight, making the ideal housing unit for these components. Precast concrete utility vaults also offer temperature stability to help protect against extreme weather patterns.


In the event of a normal fire situation, concrete is non-combustible. If a fire breaks out in the utility area, the precast concrete will contain the fire, so it doesn’t extend to other parts of the facility, limiting potential damage.

Easy to Install, Maintain

Precast vaults can be ordered, then delivered and installed in much less time than a cast concrete vault that requires curing time. After installation, the concrete vault can be backfilled immediately. This saves time during construction and makes precast concrete utility vaults more cost effective than other options.


Housing expensive equipment underground helps protect against vandalism or weather variables. Underground precast concrete utility vaults are easy to access for maintenance workers yet incredibly secure.

Call Mack Industries today at 800-482-3111. With several locations throughout Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Florida, we are ready to meet your requirements with our extensive precast concrete product lines.