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Burial Vaults

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Updated on March 8th, 2024

Providing an extra element of protection for loved ones, a concrete or metal burial vault can protect a casket, shielding it from various forces.

Protecting the Casket

Cemeteries may experience “grave depressions” caused by heavy grave-digging equipment, underground water sources, and pressure from excavated soil. Grave depressions occur when an already-buried coffin is deformed due to these pressures.  A sealed burial vault protects the casket from these external forces. It not only safeguards the casket from ground pressure but also seals it to an extent from groundwater sources. Many cemeteries stipulate the use of burial vaults to prevent grave depressions and avoid the need for constant maintenance to ensure level ground.  

Mack Industries’ Burial vaults are precast in our plant under controlled conditions before being transported to a cemetery, thus ensuring the highest quality possible. Some burial vault makers are certified by leading associations when it comes to manufacturing precast concrete vaults. For instance, the National Precast Concrete Association has certified several Mack Industries plants for proper plant operation and robust quality systems.  

Mack’s 91 Years of Precast Concrete Experience

Since 1932 Mack Industries manufactured precast concrete burial vaults for the funeral and memorial industries. Our consistently high product quality is a testament to our years of experience planning, making, and installing precast concrete burial vaults with our qualified, OSHA-certified field crews. Mack can also deliver and install double-depth crypts. A double-depth crypt is a precast concrete burial vault that enables the internment of two people (e.g., spouses) in one plot.  

Mack Industries is a third-general family-owned and operated business with broad experience in concrete crypts and burial vaults. Available in a variety of decorative offerings, Mack’s burial vaults come in several styles and finishes.  

Contact us to learn more about our concrete burial vaults and cemetery lawn crypts.